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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disappointing But Worth Reading - "Ball & Chain" Review

Book Scorecard


Author mailed this one in, and kept getting confused on whether she was writing the Cut & Run or the Sidewinder series.
Fun Factor
Comedic timing is off. Adventure feels cliched.
Hot, but not as tingly as the rest of the series.
Main characters are still great. There were so many secondary characters I kept getting them confused.
Clue” the movie rides again.

Ball & Chain” by Abigail Roux is enjoyable, but don't expect it to live up to your anticipation. It's the 8th book in the “Cut & Run” series, and we get to visit Ty and Zane as they attend Deuce's wedding on a remote Scottish island. Lower your expectations, sit back, and savor your time with these characters. Ty's Sidewinder best friend, Nick gets the most page time, and it's his emotional issues that drive the book. Ty and Zane's issues are mostly ignored, and the jokes didn't quite hit my funny bone. However, Abigail Roux slightly off her game still writes a better book than most authors. It's more than worth the $7.99 ebook price.

This is not a stand alone book, and should be read after both “Touch & Geaux” (Cut & Run #7) and “Shock & Awe” (Sidewinder #1).

Favorite Quote
I never realized how disturbing your accent is until you started using cow analogies.”


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