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Monday, January 26, 2015

"Kick" by @CarmenJAuthor #BlogTour #Releaseblitz #Excerpt #Giveaway @RSofRomance

Happy Release to Carmen Jenner

Kick is LIVE!


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RELEASE DATE: January 26th, 2015


You gotta let go now, Princess. I gotta hand you over.”
Her panicked gaze meets mine. “He’ll shoot you.”
No, he won’t.”
Yes, he will.”
I smile down at her. “What are we just gonna stand here forever, you in my arms, your dad holding a gun to my head? If he shoots me, he shoots me. Ain’t nothing I can do about that, Princess. At least I’ll know I did one thing right.”
She takes a deep, shaky breath. “I’d be dead if it weren’t for you.”

I nod, because it’s true. If Slayer hadn’t come at a deal, Prez would’ve eventually killed her, and he’d have tortured her some more first.

“Promise me somethin’?”
Get on your feet and then get the hell outta here. Prez will come looking for you again. He’s not a guy who likes to lose. Take as much money as you can, and get the fuck away from this life, otherwise you’re gonna wind up filling a body bag way too young.”
Lauren is wrenched away from me then. She screams as the Italian carts her off toward the clubhouse, flailing and slapping at him despite her injuries.
Daniel!” she screams, reaching out toward me as he struggles to get her inside. Without thinking I take a step forward, but I’m attacked from behind. My knees go out from under me and I’m shoved face-first into the ground. Some heavy motherfucker sits down on my back. I buck, trying to unseat him, but I’m whacked in the back of the head until I stop.
Well, isn’t that fuckin’ touching? The Angel scum, in love with my daughter? Didn’t I warn you away from her once before?” Slayer asks, circling me like a predator circles prey. The biker using me for a chair shoves his gun against the back of my skull.
Yeah, I did,” Slayer continues, and he motions for the guy on top of me to force me to stand. I’m dragged up by the hair and presented to Slayer. “At the rally, where she fuckin’ went missin’!” 

His red, blotchy face almost touches mine. He’s so close I can see the blood vessels snaking out from the corners of his eyes. He’s fucking high. His daughter’s been locked up, raped, beaten, treated like a fuckin’ animal over some shit that she shouldn’t even have to know about, and the arsehole’s gettin’ high as a fuckin’ kite instead of findin’ her? He makes me sick. He’s everything I hate about the life. And he’s more than likely exactly where I’ll end up, because this is what we are—this is what livin’ in the club gets you: bitterness, enemies, and a shit-tonne of bad blood.


When I was ten, my father indoctrinated me into the family.
A brotherhood who would fight, protect, and give their lives for one another. A club whose ties ran thicker than blood, murkier than the dirt and grime that tainted my soul. Stronger than the bonds that connected me to my own family.
A band of brothers, where loyalty was kept and paid in a currency of blood.
When I was twenty-seven, I betrayed that brotherhood.
I’ve spent every day since running, avoiding paying back that debt.
My name is Daniel Johnson. I have betrayed everyone I ever loved.
And I’ll betray her too.
This is my story—if you’re screwed up enough to want to read it.

Warning: KICK contains graphic violence, profanity, drug use, and explicit sexual situations of a taboo nature. Intended for an 18+ audience only. Not intended for pussies.

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Welcome to Sugartown

Enjoy Your Stay

Greetings from Sugartown

Welcome to Sugartown Website:

About the Author:

Carmen Jenner is a thirty-something, USA TODAY Best Selling Author, doctor, pilot and CIA agent. She's also a compulsive, flagrant prevaricator who gets to make things up for a living.

While Sugartown may not technically exist, Carmen grew up in a small Australian town just like it, and just like her characters, she always longed for something more. They didn't have an Elijah Cade, though. If they did, you can be sure she would have never left.



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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reading Books is Easy. It's Reviewing That's Hard

 So you may have noticed I haven't written many reviews lately. I'm having a bit of an existential crisis. Every time I start to write a review, I freeze. I don't know what to say anymore. The mantra I started with was be honest about my opinions on each book. Try to give people reading the review a good sense of the story, and what it includes. There is a huge range of preferences, and everyone has their reading moods as well. At first I didn't even want to rate via stars, but then realized I was mentally rating them anyhow so I might as well own up to it.

I don't get off on trashing books. I've seen reviewers who revel in the one star review. I try to reserve that for books I can't bring myself to finish, and mostly I simply mark them DNF and leave it at that. Writing a rant about how much something sucks makes me feel like crap, and makes my whole day suck. Not that there aren't plenty of books who deserve the one star, and as a reader I'd like to be warned before I spend money on a book which should be chained to a stone and thrown to the bottom of the sea. It's really not fun for me to do though, and since there are people who I enjoy I'll leave it to them.

In many cases the books I review are provided to me by the author in exchange for a review. They give me their literary baby wrapped in a blanket of hope created by endless hours of effort. Authors want validation that the effort was worth it. They want someone to love their baby as they do. It's really hard to tell someone their baby is ugly or that the hours would have been better spent cleaning out their garage. I've been the person who handed over my creation hoping for positive feedback, only to be crushed when it was snubbed or even worse, ignored. As a friend of mine would say, “That sucks monkey balls!” I do not even want to know the origin of that phrase, but it does seem appropriate.

What about the mediocre? Those books stranded somewhere between the Pulitzer and Davy Jones' locker? The bell curve is no lie. The majority of titles land in the middle with 3 stars and a lukewarm reception. They're not painful to read. They're not rewarding either. These are the books I can put down with no regrets and go do the laundry. Time to make dinner? No problem. This story can wait until I have time to get back to it. Another hot title catches my attention? I'll drop the mediocre book to start reading the hot title, and come back to the mediocre book later. Maybe. I'm not sure rating a book 3 stars isn't more insulting to authors than 1 star.

To all authors, I highly recommend a stiff drink and donning Kevlar before reading any reviews. Not everyone likes every book, movie, or even blog. There are going to be as many haters as lovers. I salute you for having balls (or boobs) enough to write something and put it out there at all. If your book has less than a dozen grammatical errors, you managed to finish writing an entire book, and the story is coherent, you're already way ahead of the pack. You've accomplished something major before any reviews are written. Count each star as a win, and focus on enjoying writing your next book.

I have my pet peeves as much as the next person. I hate bad grammar with a fiery passion. However, a handful of mistakes doesn't ruin a really good story. The book doesn't have to be the next “Pride and Prejudice” for me to love it. I simply want well written fiction which is compelling enough to take my brain on an adventure cruise. It has to be able to make me forget the mice in the garage, the check engine light on the car, and the mud the dogs just tracked onto the carpet.

I'm not a fan girl who wants to squee about my newest obsession. I don't have an unending supply of cool memes with which to illustrate my reviews. What I have is plenty of opinions which I didn't used to have a problem sharing. Now, I have reader's guilt. I feel badly about not liking a title more than I do. I think I'm going to try to re-start my reviewing motor by rating books I truly love, and go from there. If this blog seems to be overly positive, and like it's squirting review rainbows for the next couple of months, now you'll know why. Don't worry. I don't think it will be long before I'm back to dishing up hard truths about every title I read. Shy and subtle are simply not qualities I posses. You may have noticed. LOL!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Something Amazing" by @MaryTing #ReleaseBlitz #Giveaway #Excerpt @RSofRomance

Happy Release to M. Clarke!

Something Amazing is LIVE!

Meet Rachel and Jackson in this amazing addition to the Something Great Series!

**Can be read as stand-alone - to get the full story start from Something Great, book 1.**

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RELEASE DATE: January 11th


Some nights have passion, some waves leave you wet, but everything is sexy at Knight Fashion Magazine...

From the International Bestselling, Reader's Favorite Award winning author of My Clarity; M. Clarke has readers plunge into the depths of romance and desire with Rachel and Jackson’s story.

No one said breaking up was easy, but escaping to Kauai only adds to Rachel Miller's confusion when fate collides her with Jackson Clark. He’s everything Rachel wants—confident, charismatic, and in charge—but his past catches up to them, creating rough waves that seems impossible to calm. Will their love for each other be strong enough or will it crash against the shore?

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It’s raining,” Stacey said out loud all of sudden.
Rain splashed on us, only it wasn’t rain.

Did you see me, Hendrix?” a deep, manly voice asked, causing all sorts of tingles in me just from the sound of his voice.

“Ugh.” Hendrix wiped his face and gave each of us a towel. “Must you flip your hair and shake like a dog? No, I didn’t see you.” He sounded annoyed, then softened his tone when he turned to us. “I was too busy staring at these two beautiful ladies in front of me. One that is off limits and the other one that needs a lot of hands on.”

Stacey blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl. Since my back was to this stranger, my face didn’t get as wet as theirs, but when I peered up after I wiped myself off … holy shit! It was the guy from the swimming pool.

Our eyes locked for the first time, but neither of us looked away. In fact, his dark chocolate eyes grew, and small dimples appeared on both of his cheeks when his lips curled wider. His stare was so strong and intense that he might as well have fucked me with it. All sorts of butterflies fluttered in my stomach and spread to every nerve in my body, sending electrifying tingles everywhere. And seeing stubble along his strong jawline produced another shudder within me.

“Hi there.” His grin got wider and hotter. “Sorry about that.” He sounded sincere. When he leaned closer to my ear, my heart drummed faster, and I lost my breath. Heat infused through me, and I was trying really hard to compose myself. Before I could move away, he whispered slowly and sensually, “Did I make you wet? I can fix that for you.” His words came out hot and playful, intended only for me to hear, each word accentuated with warm puffs in my ear.



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About the author

Mary Ting resides in Southern California with her husband and two children. She enjoys oil painting and making jewelry. Writing her first novel, Crossroads Saga, happened by chance. It was a way to grieve the death of her beloved grandmother, and inspired by a dream she once had as a young girl. When she started reading new adult novels, she fell in love with the genre. It was the reason she had to write one-Something Great. Why the pen name, M Clarke? She tours with Magic Johnson Foundation to promote literacy and her children’s chapter book-No Bullies Allowed

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