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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Where's the Soundtrack? – “Beneath the Stain” (Serial #1-7) by Amy Lane @amymaclane @dreamspinners #Review

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Four stories for the price of one. Book covers Mackey's coming of age, his ascension to rock stardom, his inevitable descent into addiction, and his triumphant defeat of his demons for love. It's absolutely a rock 'n roll story from beginning to end.
Fantasy World
Was Amy Lane in a rock band? Or has she been spending a lot of time back stage because the level of detail was amazing.
Full male/male erotic detail. Yeah baby!
There are a lot of characters and it's challenging to keep them straight at times. Mackey is the perfect rock star full of equal parts charm and sneer. His brothers are as irritating as real siblings.
Drug a bit in places. Tugs on your heartstrings and makes you scream in frustration. Classic Amy Lane.

I never thought I'd say there was such a thing as too much Amy Lane, but “Beneath the Stain” could have used a few less words. It dragged a bit, and felt like it could use some editing. Granted this was originally a serial not a novel so some of the repetition is likely from the change in formats. I really, really want a follow up book which provides the story of the Jefferson, Stevie, and Sheila's menage. There seems like a huge back story there which is tantalizingly out of view.

At $5-6 for the ebook version for 482 pages, this is a steal. Recommended for fans of Amy Lane and Rhys Ford's Sinner's series. Don't be surprised if you find yourself bobbing your head to the music as you read along.


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