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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hunka Hunka Burning Love! – “Burn for Me” by Ilona Andrews @ilona_andrews @HarperCollins #Review #NewRelease #urban fantasy

Book Scorecard


Mix the powerful, scheming families of “The Other Bolelyn Girl” with the class sensibilities of Jane Austen, and genetic based enhanced abilities of “Alphas”.
Fantasy World
Fabulous new world to explore and enjoy. Very real, lots of details. Nobody does it better than Ilona Andrews.
Urban fantasy not erotica so there's attraction, but a kiss is as hot as it gets.
Nevada and Mad Rogan have potential. There are echoes of Kate/Curran from Ilona's Kate Daniels series which they need to get past. Nevada's family is reminiscent of Ilona's Edge series. Fun to read – need more individual development.
Good thriller. Had no idea where it was going for most of book so hung on for the ride.

The Hidden Legacy series is still finding its feet, but if you like Ilona Andrews' other series, you'll like this book too. It has the same supernatural thrill qualities, quirky characters, and witty writing. It needs another story or two to distinguish itself and grow into a fully fleshed new universe of characters though. So many of the successful urban fantasy series are coming to a close (Night Huntress, Hollows), and others have run out of steam (Anita Blake) so it's wonderful to see a new one with potential taking off.

At $5-$6, buying “Burn For Me” is a no brainer. You'll pay twice that for a movie which won't be half as good. That's also very reasonably priced for a successful urban fantasy author. Only indies dish it up cheaper.

Favorite Quote
Some people stand their ground no matter what. In my line of work, a stint at the hospital, coupled with a bill you can't pay because you're not working, cures that notion really fast.”



  1. Ack. So much love for this book! I only managed to read the first Kate Daniels book, unfortunately. I'm hopeful for this one, though. :)

  2. Did you try The Edge? I found the magical rednecks to be a trip.