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Monday, October 20, 2014

Blood, Sex, and Adrenaline – “The Nightlife San Antonio” by Travis Luedke #nightlife #review @travisluedke @twluedke

Book Scorecard


New characters, same world, same great energy. A paramedic is dragged into not only paranormal world, but also drug underworld when he answers a call to treat a shooting victim.
Fantasy World
We get a brief introduction to border issues and drug trafficking in Texas. More detail would be even better. Lots of medical jargon. Procedures sound so real I could almost hear the heart monitor's beep.
Mostly M/F action with a unique twist a la Jessica from “True Blood”. Action is as hot and wild as expected.
Adrian wavers between destiny and determination as he tries to choose between soldier and paramedic. His patient with amnesia is so damaged she is instinct only, and must slowly regain her connections to humanity via Adrian. Drug dealers, sleazy neighbors, and corrupt cops round out the cast.
Good pacing. Resolution is wrapped up a bit too quickly, but battle descriptions are delicious.

The Nightlife San Antonio” by Travis Luedke is a new offshoot of the The Nightlife series, and contains the same non-stop adventures full of sex and violence. There are echoes of “Blow”, and “Traffic” as the police, the feds, and Mexican gangs circle Adrian and his patient as they desperately try to figure out the mystery of who she is.

This is a stand alone read, although once you become familiar with the Nightlife world, you probably won't be able to stop at just one book. The $3.99 price isn't bad for 193 pages. Grad it today and enjoy the ride!


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