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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Puritanical Cleaner Reforms Bad Ass Biker – "Reaper's Stand" by Joanna Wylde

Book Scorecard


Business as usual at Reaper's MC (motorcycle club) – sex, blood, parties, and bikes. Plenty of memorable quotes which help balance out shudder inducing cleaning details. "Sons of Anarchy" fans will enjoy.
Fantasy World
Wild parties are mostly abandoned for trips to the dungeon. Gritty details are not spared.
Picnic is too well behaved, and London's constant squeamishness is a buzz kill.
London is neither likable nor admirable. She's a helicopter mom on steroids who treats her niece like a small child instead of a new adult. Picnic abandons previous outrageous behavior to accommodate her prissy views.
Villains are lacking. Plot is overly focused on London's maternal urges instead of romance or club intrigue.

Reaper's Stand by Joanna Wylde is the story of Reaper's Club President Picnic Hayes and a sanctimonious, prudish cleaning lady. Saint London is overly proper and reading her say “heck” even in her own private thoughts was annoying. How is this woman even remotely a match for Picnic, the man who lives by his own rules? I was very much looking forward to Picnic's story, and I can't help but feel let down. It's always fun to visit the Reapers, but previous books were much more enjoyable. I can see the author was trying to introduce us to a different side of Picnic, but softening him up didn't do either him or the reader any favors.
Reaper's Stand is worth the $5 -6 cover price for 336 pages, but just barely. It can be read as a stand alone book, although I recommend starting with the first book, “Reaper's Property”. I love this series, and hope upcoming books get back into the outlaw MC mindset.

Favorite Quote
Nice. Fucking bitch thought I was nice. If she thanked me for being her friend, it was over. I'd have to go on a killing spree.”


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