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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Unsatisfying Menage Triangle - "The Prince of Punk" Review

Summary – 2.5 stars
You can feel the rock music playing on every page of The Prince of Punk by Jenna Galicki, and the descriptions of a polyamorous relationship ring true. Unfortunately accurate doesn't mean fun, and the various grammatical errors are distracting. The ideal reader for this book is a bi-sexual man, but it's not as satisfying for a woman of any sexual persuasion. The male on male action is hot enough to earn a couple of stars, and watching the guys make it big as stars is a thrill. If you can find this book on sale, it's worth the time and money to read.

Favorite Quote
You play dirty, Mr. Blade. And you, Mrs. Blade, are a wile vixen.”

Fantasy World
There is plenty of details on the grimy, punk rock underground of New York. The national tour gets a bit short changed, but you can practically hear the music play. Other elements though may leave you shaking your head.

Tingle Factor
The male on male action is hot, but every time I worked up a good tingle the Angel/Jessi interaction threw icy water on my ladybits.

These punk rockers definitely belong to the school of polyamory where love has no limits. They fall fast and pledge themselves to one another forever more.

Most of the drama comes from the band trying to make it big, but there are additional storylines concerning family acceptance and a stalker. The family storylines are multiple but brief, and the stalker is mostly annoying.

Jessi is supposedly a punk rock girl with a tough attitude, but her actions don't match her hair. She quits school and gives up her career to marry her bar band boyfriend, Tommy. She spends all her time either promoting his bands or working like a dog to support them. Jessi is self-sacrificing to the extreme she's willing to give up her happy marriage when Tommy falls in love with another man. There's not much to admire about Jessi except for her pink hair.

Hero #1
Tommy is a guitar genius looking for his big break. He's a lucky man or rather a lucky pierre. Not only does he have the steadfast love of a good woman, but he's the center figure of an ongoing threesome which includes a handsome, latino lead singer. It's good to be Tommy.

Hero #2
Angel is a gay, punk rock singer who wants Tommy, and not just to play for his band. He has designs on his new, lead guitar player, but isn't sure what to do with Tommy's wife. Angel loves Tommy as well as desires him, but doesn't have any type of attraction to women. It's challenging to like a character who describes a woman's vagina as “the ugly sagging skin underneath it was ghastly”.


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