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Friday, April 18, 2014

Outstanding Story! - Breaking Perfect by Lydia Michaels

Summary – 5 stars
Breaking Perfect by Lydia Michaels is the story of a woman trapped by her compulsions, who finds comfort in the careful world she and her husband have structured. Liberty's careful balance is disrupted when her husband's old friend comes to visit, and she develops an unexpected attraction to him. Not only that, but her husband seems very comfortable with intimate contact with his old friend, Sean. This is an outstanding book, and you should go buy it immediately. Breaking Perfect is so much more than this brief review can do justice. It's well worth the $7 e-book price, and if you find it for less you should celebrate.

Fantasy World
Liberty's world is outlined in such exquisite detail, the rules start to make sense. The author has done a truly amazing job of making Liberty's OCD real instead of just a character quirk.

Tingle Factor
Holy shit is Breaking Perfect hot! It starts slowly with missionary sex in the dark, which made me worry I had picked up the wrong book. However, once the action gets going it does not stop. This is a menage story including male/male interaction, and it is done very well. There is also some light BDSM.

Love is accepting for someone for who they truly are, and wanting the best for them. Breaking Perfect reminds us of this over and over. All the characters are fully integrated into the relationship, and no one feels like an afterthought even though Liberty and Mason are married.

The drama is layered as there is relationship tension between Mason and Alex, Alex and Liberty, and Liberty and Mason. Also, there is the drama of Liberty's every day existence. The drive to do harmful things to herself, and her internal struggles against her compulsions. Mason wants to help Liberty, but in a way is also a prisoner of her disease.

Liberty is a sympathetic character who is only too aware of her problems. She feels trapped by her behaviors, but they're the only way she knows how to cope with a horrific past. Her relationship with Mason is the rock on which she anchors her life, and she's not sure whether Sean threatens that stability or not.

Hero #1
Mason starts as the stereotypical wealthy, successful surgeon, but as we get to know him he turns out to be so much more. He loves Liberty for who she truly is, and not as some pity project or china doll. Mason once loved Sean, and is discovering that he never stopped. How does he meet both their needs?

Hero #2
Sean has never been able to overcome his father's disapproval, not even now that he's dead. Neither has he ever been able to overcome his love for Mason. He shows up unexpectedly trying to overcome the ghosts of the past, but nothing about Mason or Liberty is as he expected. He's further shocked when he finds himself attracted to Liberty, and invited to touch her by Mason.


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