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Friday, April 18, 2014

A Great Biker Romance - “Reaper's Legacy” by Joanna Wylde

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Summary – 4.5 stars
Reaper's Legacy by Joanna Wylde is the second book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club (MC) series, and will appeal to anyone who likes the television series “Sons of Anarchy”. This story answers the question of what happens when a devoted man-whore and a devoted mother meet. Sophie has been burnt before by a man, and doesn't want to be dependent ever again. Ruger has some old-fashioned ideas about women which are fostered by his MC affiliation. Both of them want each other, but neither of them want a relationship. There are lots of laughs and plenty of emotion. This is another great biker romance from Joanna Wylde, and is well worth the $5 cover price for 368 pages. I still love Horse and Marie from “Reaper's Property” best, but Sophie and Ruger are close runners-up. Fortunately for me Horse and Marie get some page time too.

Favorite Quotes
Fifty bucks says your baby mama could take you in a fair fight...”
This whole situation is like a great big zit that needs popping...”

Fantasy World
The author continues delving into the outlaw biker world in which Reaper's Legacy takes place. There are still plenty of parties and guns, but this time there is also tense interaction with a rival MC, the Devil's Jacks.

Tingle Factor
Ruger is pierced in all the right places, and he likes to tie his women up. Fortunately for us Sophie gets on board the sex train fairly quickly, and we get to spectate on all the action. Grab a spare pair of panties before reading.

The romance is a little too tortured, and drags just a bit. These two focus more on their lust for each other, and their love for Sophie's son, Noah.

Sophie stumbles into one precarious situation after another. It's not that she's dumb. Some of it is just bad luck. The author really puts Sophie through a lot, but she handles it fairly well.

We meet Sophie as a naive teenager who gets knocked up when she loses her virginity. As we follow her story, we watch her get knocked around by life. She does the best she can with what she has, and is a devoted mother. If anything, she's too sensible, and might be a little more fun with a few more flaws.

Ruger is the step-brother of the man who knocked up Sophie, and has always watched over her and her son, Noah, even when they lived far away. Ruger is a total pig who revels in the mud of the outlaw lifestyle. He's deliciously amoral, and will screw anything with tits and a pulse. Ruger is also smart, and he truly cares about both Sophie and Noah. He's a really great character.


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