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Friday, April 18, 2014

Spectacular Finish to the Night Huntress Series - "Up From the Grave" by Jeanine Frost

Summary – 5 stars
"Up From the Grave” by Jeanine Frost is the 7th book in the Night Huntress series and Cat and Bones continue to deliver all the excitement and sarcasm you can handle. This is the last book in the series, and it goes out with a bang. Obviously Jeanine Frost has been planning this plot for a long time, and she throws everything she has at it with great success. Put this book at the top of your reading list, and put the rest of your life on hold. You won't regret spending time with Cat and Bones at whatever the cost. This book provides back story tidbits to help those readers who haven't read the rest of the series, but I recommend starting with book one, “Halfway to the Grave”.

Fantasy World
"Up From the Grave” occurs in our everyday world where people who see anything strange are immediately green-eyed into forgetting all about those people with fangs who treated their necks like juice boxes. It's a fun place to visit, and is filled with exotic locations and medieval castles.

Tingle Factor
Bones and Cat are still unable to keep their hands off one another. The sex isn't as explicit in this installment as they're mostly too busy pursuing one objective or another. However, those two can still generate a forest fire with just a kiss.

The great thing about this series is it kept going after Cat and Bones fell in love, and even after they got married. They clearly love each other intensely, but that doesn't mean they don't also occasionally want to kill each other. True love's path is never smooth.

Jeaniene Frost does a great job of weaving in plot strands from the other six books and deftly creates a thrilling end to the Night Huntress series. Cat and Bones are in a race to save not only their friends, but the entire undead world.

Cat is just as stubborn as the day we met her in Halfway to the Grave. She still attacks first and talks later. She still values family even when they betray her, and will throw herself on a grenade for innocents without hesitation. She is a great character full of flaws, which are a delight to read.

Bones is equally as stubborn as Cat, and is a big believer in tough love. He's as intelligent and conniving as he is handsome. Bones is one of the few literary vampires who is truly believable as a master vampire. There are a lot of so called Alpha males who he could school with his pinky finger.


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