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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dystopian Delight - "Evenfall" Review

Summary – 5 stars
"Evenfall” by Santino Hassell & Ais is a combination of “Gattaca” and “V for Vendetta”. This is a dark, dark book with dystopian and torture themes. There are some very difficult sections, but they only make the overall plot more rewarding. This is not a book for everyone, and at 1427 pages it is a commitment to read it. However, the complex plot is masterfully written and very compelling. There are a few small grammar errors and typos in the currently posted version, but a new, edited version is on the way soon. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian or espionage novels. "Evenfall” is downloadable in multiple formats for FREE so I encourage anyone who thinks it's even a little interesting to give it a try.

Fantasy World
The story takes place in an alternate future the authors call “In the Company of Shadows”. War has devastated the world, and the thriving metropolises of today mostly lie in ruins. The authors make both the wars and the aftermath very plausible. There are no outlandish gadgets or silly futuristic nonsense. The setting is very gritty and feels very real.

Tingle Factor
There are many plot lines to this book. The professional relationship between the main characters, the espionage, and the dystopian themes take precedence. However, there is a section of the book with some hot, hot male interaction. I don't recommend "Evenfall” if that's the only thing in which you're interested. It's there, but overall is a minor part of the story.

This is not a romance. Feelings between the main characters evolve, but these are both very damaged individuals. Hearts and flowers do not fly. Not killing each other is their equivalent of a box of chocolates.

There are multiple missions, Agency politics, and personal angst. Every chance you have to read a section of the book is a thrill ride. It's well done though so the angst doesn't feel exhausting or overdone. This is a long book so there's plenty of time for multiple subplots.

Hero #1
Boyd is alive physically, but froze mentally years ago after a traumatic incident. His mother is an ice queen who abandoned him years ago, until the day she finally summons him to offer him a job. Boyd still wants his mother's approval so he accepts the job even though it means partnering with an unstable assassin who has a bad habit of killing everyone around him. The job has unforeseen consequences though, including an unexpected empathy with his psychotic partner. Boyd tries to figure out Sin while the reader tries to figure out Boyd. It's a circle which is endlessly evolving, and rewarding to read.

Hero #2
Sin is a killer. His father made sure he became the perfect assassin by starting his training at a very early age. Repeated abuse by the Agency for which he works, only made Sin more violent. No one cares about him except as a tool, and he is tormented by demons in his dreams. Sin accepts the new partner he is assigned, and waits for him to die one way or another. However, Boyd is different, and he causes Sin to change in ways he could have never anticipated. Sin is a fascinating character, and every time you think you know him, he'll slip away into another realm.


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