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Friday, April 18, 2014

An Exotic Vacation - Nabbed in New Zealand by Christine Edwards

Summary – 3.5 stars
Nabbed in New Zealand by Christine Edwards is the exotic vacation you've always wanted to take. It's full of beautiful locations, amazing scenery, and hot men. The story isn't overburdened with slang, accents, or stereotypes, which is a wonderful thing. There is a shy woman who is looking for more in her life, and a large, rugged man with plenty of money, but no one with which to share his life. These are familiar characters, but the author manages to give them a nice, new twist. Cough up the $5 ebook price without complaint. It's a hell of a lot cheaper than an actual vacation to New Zealand, and you'll get the same lovely, relaxed feeling.

Fantasy World
I recommend going with the flow on this one. There are a few plot points which require suspension of disbelief. Just accept them and move on so you can enjoy the smutty delight which is the rest of the story.

Tingle Factor
Nabbed in New Zealand practically melted my kindle. There are BDSM elements, but they're light - more talk than action. Valla does get spanked a few times, but that's as deep as the BDSM gets.

This is an insta-love scenario. Valla does have a few doubts, which is only fair considering she was kidnapped. However, it's fairly clear throughout the story that a happy ending with lots of hearts is on the way.

There are a few dramatic points in the story, but they're not overly stressful. There isn't a huge amount of angst, but there are some emotional moments. For example, we know the police are looking for Valla, but it's not overly emphasized. The romance is more important to the storyline than the drama.

Valla avoids the usual stereotypes for Southern women, and instead comes across as cultured without being a snob. She was looking for an escape from her daily life, and she finds it exponentially. She takes some big risks trusting Judge, and questions whether she's doing the right thing on several occasions. No one can blame her for falling under the sexy Judge's spell though.

Judge is an attractive enigma. When Valla first sees him, he's dressed roughly and frequenting some very pedestrian locations. After her kidnapping, she wakes up in a beautiful mountain house. Who is the real Brocan Judge? It's a question we have to follow Valla through every scrumptious page to find the answer.

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