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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spontaneous Panty Combustion - "The Boy Who Belonged" Review

Summary – 4.5 stars
The Boy Who Belonged is the follow up book to The Good Boy – both by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock. This new series installment is almost as good as the original, and sparkles only a little less. The story of Lane Moredock, the disgraced son of investment con artists, continues as he tries to make a life with his new love, Derek. Just as Lane settles into a life he loves, his mother sticks her nose in and makes him question everything. Brin is still there to lighten the mood with outrageous outbursts, and this time his wit is challenged by a mischievous macaw. This book is not recommended as a stand alone title. Read The Good Boy first, and they are both very worth the $6.99 ebook price.

Fantasy World
This world is all too believable, and the actions of the characters are right on target. The public relations people are so real, you'll want to write them nasty letters.

Tingle Factor
Warning! This book may cause spontaneous panty combustion. There is serious BDSM action, including breath play and sounding, so it's not for the faint of heart. The author writes it tastefully, and delves into why the characters engage in BDSM play as well as the eroticism of it.

Lane and Derek are truly in love, but loving someone doesn't mean there aren't problems. There are many touching moments throughout the story.

You know how sometimes during movies you want to scream at the characters? “No, don't open that door! No, don't go in there!” Well, that happens many times in The Boy Who Belonged. Lane's mother is pure evil, and you'll want to yell at him every time he talks to her. “Don't fall prey to her evil schemes! She's bad, not you Lane!”

Lane has echoes of Forrest Gump about him. He enjoys the simple things like his fast food job and his community college studies. He knows there are more highly regarded jobs out there, and that his parents wanted him to have a more prestigious education. However, he never fit in in those more esteemed schools or jobs. Lane accepts who he is, and just wants to be happy. Why can't he make his mother understand that?

Hero #2
Derek is experiencing a bit of a mid-life crisis. He's the recipient of too many “Daddy” remarks and starts to question his relationship with Lane. His self confidence has never been strong, and now it's under siege by advancing age and Lane's mother.


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