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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hot Man-Love in Space - "To Clan and Conquer" by Tracy St. John #Review

Book Scorecard


Sex in space! Man love, aliens, and drama. This is a likable story with lots of hot sex, which makes me want to read the rest of the series.
Fantasy World
Ship, culture, challenges all feel real. Authentic, if easily won battles.
OMG! They're at it again. These guys will screw at the slightest excuse. Male, menage, BDSM action. Very HOT! Unusual genitalia.
Well-drawn, unique characters which make you care about what happens to them.
The storyline is fairly typical as are their challenges. However, it's enjoyable to read.

To Clan and Conquer” by Tracy St. John is a version of Star Trek where Kirk, Spock, and Bones spendtheir spare time fucking like rabbits. Women are scarce as their race is in decline, and they work on a battleship patrolling the outer boundaries of space. So the men form three-way relationships with one another – clans. Forming a permanent, three-way relationship is hard enough, but try doing it while investigating mysterious attacks potentially from an aggressive alien race which smells like sewage.

Don't worry, Tranis, Lidon, and Degorsk still have plenty of time to get busy. I like a lot of sex in my books, but even I was tempted to skip a sex scene or two. The rest of the story doesn't get short changed by the sex, and I would enjoy reading more about these men. Recommended for male/male and/or menage fans who watched Battlestar Galactica.

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