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Monday, May 19, 2014

Art Painted with Words - "Still Life With Strings" by L.H. Cosway #Review

Book Scorecard


A beautiful story crafted with attention to every detail. Tragedy balanced with humor. Romance entwined with sex. It doesn't get any better than this.
Fantasy World
The streets of Dublin come alive especially during Jade's daydreams. They're absolutely stunning.
The story starts off with a bang, then works the excitement slowly back up again. The sex scenes are explicit without being overdone.
Shane and Jade are very real. They're likeable without being perfect. The villain is deliciously evil, and the teenagers are perfectly cast.
The romantic plot is predictable, but pleasurable. There are some amazing coincidences, but they are surrounded by such magic it's hard to find fault.

Still Life with Strings” by L.H. Cosway transcends categories such as romance or erotica and ventures into the territory of literature. It's art painted with words. This is where being an indie author pays off because L.H. Cosway is free to mix and match pieces of genres to create a unique vision. The heroine, Jade has a past as rough as the neighborhood in which she lives. Trying to envision a world where she can have a relationship with Shane is beyond her. Shane himself has recently experienced tragedy, and found even a life full of beautiful trappings wasn't enough to save him. Together they try to find the love and happiness which has so far escaped them.

This book is a damn steal at $2.99. Go buy it and enjoy the beautiful hours it adds to your life.

Favorite Quote
Whichever people can actually pull off friends with benefits without their feelings getting involved, I lift my hat off to those heartless fuckers, because I'm failing catastrophically.”


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