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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Cupcake with a Side of Sex Toys - "Shiny!" by Amy Lane #Review

Book Scorecard


"Shiny!" is a feel-good, comedic story with some familiar personal challenges for the characters to overcome. This is a cupcake with a side of sex toys.
Fantasy World
Contemporary setting - feels a bit like a movie set. Fun to explore, nothing yanks you out of the story.
Only a couple of sex scenes. Main focus on characters' feelings, and not explicit action detail.
Will is completely, socially clueless. Kenny and his Smart car emit a twink glow in a neon splash of lime green. They're fun, if a bit stereotypical.
Clunky wedding story frame gets in the way. No plot surprises. Several soapbox moments regarding teaching/teachers/education.

When the world has you down, and things aren't going your way, Amy Lane is there for you. She takes you to a happy place with delightful characters full of entertaining quirks. Will and Kenny are having the worst days ever when they accidentally run into each other. They discover common interests, form a friendship, and then find themselves attracted to one another. However, acting on that attraction is easier said than done. Kenny is scarred from previous relationships, and Will is just figuring out he's gay. Watching them try to hash it out is a good deal of fun.

"Shiny!" is twice as effective as Prozac, and costs a fraction as much. Buy it now, along with some cheesecake, and treat yourself to some happy.


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