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Thursday, May 1, 2014

“Beckoning Blood” by Daniel de Lorne – Sink Your Fangs Into This #Review

Book Scorecard


A vampire novel they way they should be written. No useless whining or longing to be human. They revel in lakes of blood, and play with humans like the toys they view them to be.
Fantasy World
The story moves quickly through the centuries. Nothing pulled me out of the story, but I really wanted more details of their various locations.
From clandestine assignations in the woods to sultry nights in dance clubs, the sex ranges from tender to animal lust. Fabulous man on man action.
Good/evil twins alternate between battling others and each other. They're delicious. Other characters get shortchanged though.
Alternates between each twin's point of view – sometimes confusing. Ending is happy for now, but it's certainly not the end of their story.

Yet another book where the marketing blurb doesn't do it justice. The heart of “Beckoning Blood” by Daniel de Lorne is the struggle between the twins. Thierry wants to get away from his twin and finds love in the arms of another. Olivier cares only for his twin, and wants his love returned. They are both shaped by a brutal father, and the horrific conditions into which they are born. Incestuous undertones abound as do mind games and blood. This is a vampire book you can sink your fangs into.

There are a few places in which “Beckoning Blood” falls short. The storyline of the twins' sister is awkward and unexplained. She randomly appears and interrupts the action. There are hints more will be explained in future installments, and that the twins are just the tip of the iceberg. That's a good thing because if there is one thing I want, it's more of their story. The next book is an automatic one click for me.

Favorite Quote
"He recalled nights of sex, blood and exquisite pain to make himself hard. Fortunately, he had plenty to choose from."


*Copy provided free by publisher via Netgalley for an honest review.

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