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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Great Menage Beach Read - "Stuck In Between" (Bound by Your Love #1) by Blakely Bennett

Book Scorecard


Fun and trashy story with some grammatical issues. Escapist angst in which we're told more about the characters than shown. Good beach read.
Fantasy World
It's a never ending party with incestuous relationships between friends.
The sex is hot; especially the menage action.
Hard to keep straight between real names and nicknames. Spend more time reacting than acting.
Choppy story and dialogue. Ending doesn't really feel conclusive, but definitely not a cliffhanger.

Stuck In Between” by Blakely Bennett is more of a new adult novel despite the characters' given ages. It reminds me of elements of both “Gossip Girl” and “Revenge” only set in Florida. They spend most of their time sleeping with each other then calling their friends to report about it. Alcoholism is rampant as are trust funds. The heroine, Jacqs is admirable in that she stands up for herself. Bond and Red are attractive heroes, although I'm still not quite certain I understand what anyone sees in Bond. He's an unapologetic man whore unwilling to mend his ways even for the woman he claims to love.

It's a bit overpriced at $4.99 for 371 pages, but worth the time to read if you can find it for sale. Amazon is offering it free to borrow for Prime members.


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