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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holy Shit! The Kid is All Grown Up - “The Art of Breathing” by T.J. Klune

Book Scorecard


The Kid is all grown up now, and this is his story. It's not always easy, and that's good because real life rarely is.
Fantasy World
Seafare is still a charming town. College scenes are a bit unreal and lack detail. The trip to Arizona is outrageous!
Poor Ty is kept a virgin for way too long. Most sex scenes are more humorous than hot.
Ty isn't as clever as he used to be; in fact he's gotten down right dumb. Not enough Bear and Otter time! Secondary characters are delightful.
Love what T.J.Klune did with Ty's path through life! Being a smart kid doesn't mean their adult path is always easy or smooth. Sometimes being too smart too young is a detriment.

The Art of Breathing” by T.J.Klune continues the story started in “Bear, Otter, and the Kid”. These characters are familiar friends with whom we have shared many emotional moments. Finally it's The Kid's turn for his story. T.J.Klune does a wonderful job of writing a believable plot for Ty's life which doesn't end in some fairy tale of him heading the United Nations. Life is rarely that easy, especially for those who are child prodigies. The only thing I would have preferred is more page time for Dominic, and more about his point of view. I liked the road trip to visit some favorite characters in Arizona from “Tell Me It's Real”, but missed Otter and Bear. They were mainly in the background.

The Art of Breathing” is not recommended as a stand alone book. You have to read the first two books in the series to truly understand the other characters, and the trauma which they have experienced. This book is more than worth the $5.79 ebook price, and in fact buying the entire series is a worthy investment.


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