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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gay Princess Goes to College - “Love Lessons” by Heidi Cullinan

Book Scorecard


Smartly written, new adult story with interesting commentary on higher education, and lip service LGBT support. The love story isn't quite as engaging as usual for Heidi Cullinan, but still very readable.
Fantasy World
Hope College is all too real from the institutional buildings to the cramped dorms.
Were these guys wearing promise rings? Minimal action, and very sweet when they do get down to it.
Kelly is a Disney Princess full of fairy tale dreams. Great concept, but found him a bit irritating. Walter is a Tootsie Pop – hard on the outside with a sweet, gooey interior. I liked him better when he was on the prowl. Good secondary characters.
Complex story with subplots which really add to overall plot. Not trite like so many college or new adult stories.

"Love Lessons” by Heidi Cullinan goes down the well trodden path of college students becoming adults, and learning to live their own lives. The characters and plots are familiar, but well executed by the author. The interesting twist added is the setting itself in which a supposed haven for LGBT students doesn't quite live up to it's billing. Having paid thousands of dollars to a university which treated me more like a toddler than an adult, I found a lot of familiar territory.

Heidi Cullinan isn't at the top of her game with this book, but it's definitely still worth adding to your TBR list. It's more than worth the $4.24 in entertainment value.


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