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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Murder and Mayhem Are Gold - "Cross & Crown" (Sidewinder #2) by @abigailroux #review @RiptideBooks

Book Scorecard


A planned romantic weekend goes to hell when Nick is called in to solve a murder. Kelly gets sucked into the chase, and they both find romance taking a backseat to adventure.
Fantasy World
The gritty streets of Boston are the perfect host to all the action.
These boys bought the economy size of lube for your enjoyment.
Old favorites such as Julian Cross join Nick and Kelly along with some notable newbies.
Fun adventure, but lacks spark. Plot elements are movie clich├ęs.

"Cross & Crown” by Abigail Roux is one part “Memento” and two parts “National Treasure”. Nick and Kelley's long distance relationship has had many obstacles, but never more so than now. Nick's dedication to his job sucks them into a murder mystery which takes the reader on a tour of American Revolutionary history. Plot elements such as the amnesiac witness, the innocent hostage, and the race against time seem overly familiar. It's a fun romp, but doesn't inspire the same level of devotion I have for most Abigail Roux books.

The Sidewinder series is worth reading even at $7 for 207 pages, but it still comes in second to the Cut & Run series. The romance between Nick and Kelley is good, but not as compelling as Ty and Zane. This book won't keep you up all night, and sometimes that's a good thing.


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