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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taboo Has Never Been So Tasty – Going Home by @Max_Vos_Author #Review

Book Scorecard


Journalist overcomes preconceived notions to find double the love. Unconventional tale which will win you over.
Fantasy World
Life down on the farm is idyllic. The descriptions of the food alone made me crave a farmer's market.
Bear Alert! They are down and dirty and all over each other. Yeah baby!
Mary Sue (or is that Mikey Lou?) tendencies. Wholesome and likeable. A bit too good to be true, but fun to read.
Straight forward, bits of angst, and a hefty helping of twue wuv. Heart warming romance plot. Ends on a down note.

"Going Home” by Max Vos is a book which has survived despite being banned from Amazon and ARE for having objectionable subject matter. This story is not more extreme nor the language more raw than other male/male or menage romance books. It has one taboo story element (trigger warning: incest) which closes most people's minds against it. I understand incest can be an upsetting or painful topic for some people, and completely understand anyone who is sensitive regarding the subject avoiding this title. However, it does happen so it's not an unrealistic plot element. For those who perhaps don't approve of the idea, but aren't immediately traumatized by it, I recommend giving “Going Home” a chance. It really is heartwarming and provides a positive depiction of a male menage relationship.

I object more strongly to censorship and retailers deciding what's appropriate for me to read than I do to anything written in this book. In fact I'm hurrying to get this review up before Google deletes my blog for objectionable material so hopefully Max Vos and “Going Home” get a wider audience. This book is worth not only the $4 for 128 pages, but also the hassle of having to click more than once to download it.

Recommended reading accessories: Pint of strawberries, fresh whipping cream, and two tissues.


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  1. Margo, I'm glad you liked the book. Thank you for a such a great review.

    Max Vos