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Monday, August 4, 2014

Who's Your Daddy? – "Magic Breaks" by Ilona Andrews

Book Scorecard


Surprising twists and revelations keep readers on their toes. The seventh book in this series doesn't disappoint. Call in sick and start reading NOW!
Fantasy World
Most of the action takes place in Georgia, but there are some side adventures in new and mysterious places which are amazing to explore.
Ilona Andrews writes her first full on sex scene! NOT to be missed!
Old enemies resurface. The threat of Kate's father is realized. Ghastek's backstory is revealed. Not enough page time for Curran! Kate continues to evolve.
Author cooks up a mystery which could lead to war to delay the paternal revelation. The plot points aren't as smoothly joined as other books in series. Book beginning is very different and slightly annoying - probably publisher driven since “Magic Breaks” is first hardcover book in series.

"Magic Breaks” ends an arc which started with book one, “Magic Bites”, but there is still plenty of life left in this series. Ilona Andrews spins the storyline in unexpected directions which are satisfying and surprising at the same time. The Kate Daniels series continues to be at the top of the urban fantasy genre.

This is definitely NOT a stand alone book. Most of the drama will not make sense if you haven't followed the characters' development from the beginning. “Magic Breaks” is pretty pricey at $10.99 for the ebook version and $16.34 for the hardcover version. It's well worth the ebook price especially for long time fans, but even as good as it is the hardcover price makes me choke. The publisher is getting greedy.

Favorite Quote
““Fortune favors the brave,” I told her. It also kills the stupid, but I decided to keep that fact to myself.”


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